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One of the first things you notice when you meet Jennie Victoria Turner is her love of music. "Music is my life." is a common phrase heard when asking Jennie what she really cares about, and it definitely applies to her life. Other first impressions are that she's very outgoing energetic and full of energy.

Jennie has been singing her entire life, and training her voice since she was seven. She's involved in two Leon choruses, Opus and Madrigals. Both are audition-only choruses, and Madrigals is the elite and toughest chorus to get into at Leon. Other musical interests of Jennie's include twirling in the Leon band as a majorette, and playing the keyboard and singing for her own band, as of yet unnamed.

Besides music, Jennie's interests include being on officer in Rebus Gestis, the Latin club, and a member of the service club Exchangettes. Jennies has been in Rebus Gestis since her freshman year and Exchangettes since her sophomore year.

You could say music is in Jennie's blood and her life has always centered around it, as her dad was in the Leon band when he was in high school here and here mom participated in her college chorus. "My whole family loves music," said Jennie, while talking about where she got her interest in music. Even her younger sister Juliet is involved with the chorus for her church.