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Note: Alright, before anything else, THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY.

Another thing, this is just my thought process. So

be easy on me.. :) Thank you...

A moment alone to be with myself,

To give not a care to the world,

Looking back at the years gone by

From the time i was a girl

To what i am today.

I came to be the way i am

Upon fate and faith

I was caught between two worlds

Walking aimlessly to and fro

Following the wind to where

It may constantly blow

Here i am

Different as before.

I fought the wind and rode

Against it.

My will at the tip of my sword

I've fought and won most battles

No longer the one hiding behind

The shield

I stand for my dignity

I killed for what i believe

I was hunted for it,

Forced into exile

Away from my heart.

I fought with all i got

And i won the war

That shook my life

Into the place

Where my destiny wants me to be

Who i am as of today

Is something i have often wonder.

The naive little girl smiling at the world

Holding the hands of a wounded warrior

Who have seen more than she had hoped for.

Then again i'll never know

My strength

My courage

My faith

My wisdom

So which is my path at this moment

The moment that i saw

The warrior

The girl

Fade away into the distance

Of forgotten past.