Poem: (Dre:am)

Essay by grapey666 September 2004

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In dreams start all responsibility

In my dream you sing for me

The halfgirl greets the icecube

And a smile meets your insecurity

Thrown into hazes

WHere all tears are already shed

Visions that do not leave

But float above my bed

How could it ever seem unreal

When all I know is joy

When snow melts and covers...

Fire unable to kill or destroy

I kiss you taste the serenity

Knowing that when I wake up

Seeing you will seem empty

Therefore I grasp out

Try to take you with me

I will break through this barrier

That keeps dreams from flowing with reality

But why do you run

And why can't I

If I cannot tread then must I

Learn to fly?

Still I cannot break the bonds naturally

And I must return

To the land of reality