Rise of the great Blade

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In a land called Cardegross. Were two groups of dragons. They were constantly at war with each other. Each wanting to rein supreme over the other dragon empire. The only real difference was that the dragons in the empire of Cavalin were red and the dragons in the clan of Yarring were black. There was also a prophecy that the two empires shared. In the mist of battle, an army of death would come, it would pillage the land, and only the great blade would stop it.

There was the morning ritual of bashing on Blade's door, followed by bashing on the door next to him. Blade crawled out of his bed, splashed water on his face and headed to the mess hall. Blade lived in a place where the rich dragon parents sent their kids. Blade watched as other dragons much smaller that him but probably older than him step back.

He walked to the front and no one dared to deny his privilege of doing so. The last dragon stupid enough to challenge him is home never to move again. Blade got to his table and ate his food coldly staring at all the other dragons pushing and shoving each other playfully. When he finished his breakfast he headed to his class.

Blade always sat at the back of his classed besides two of them. Blade had two dreams. One was to be the dragon general and have the dragon army at his disposal, and to one-day wield the great blade. Many snickered behind his back though. He needed geography if he was to be the dragon general and sword if he was to wield the great blade. He would either not pay attention in all his other classes or he sometimes wouldn't come at...