This is a selection of poetry I wrote a few years ago. It's all a bit naive, but some of it's pritty

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Random poems that I wrote a few years ago, some of them are a bit amateurish and naïve, but read on!

Through the Ice

A frozen face of Ice,

Silky hand so cold,

A heart of stone,

A burning core from the fires of hell.

Deep blue eyes swim upon a ghost white face,

Such and airy mind,

Spun between Good and Evil.

Hidden away divine lies,

In some corner dark and lonely,

Open the door and good shall be,

A pathway up to heaven.

Seas fly,

Stones float,

Love drifts,

A twilight realm.

The moon lives.

Icy water gently laps over the soft sand beach,

Blues, pinks and reds tower the endless sea,

The everlasting pier stretches beyond the horizon,

Further than any man may go,

At the end there shall be eternity.

Land blocked I sit among seas of fields,

Where the air is crisp and fresh,

The Sun hangs low over the vast valley, where sheep graze,

They wait for eternity to end,

To drift, towards divine.

Trees settle,

A gentle wind,

A zephyr of love.

My child lies dormant,

Enclosed within barriers,

Barriers unseen and unheard off,

Barriers that don't yield to love.

A lost soul wanders through the darkness,

Afraid of the light,

Creeps into the surreal.

Dazed by reality, trapped by fantasy,

Dreams, Nightmares,

Life, Death,

Barriers do yield,

All to become one.

Time passes,

Life grows,

Some up,

Some out,

But all is one,

United through love.

Blurred and vivid the outline is,

The memories of blood and darkness,

A baby screams, with no one to love and care,

A child lies peaceful in rest,

Upon a bed of stone forever more.

Whirls of blood drift across the flesh so soft,

The cries fullen as she falls,

Falling through a soft...