Short Story: "But Why?"

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The little boy didn't know what he was doing; he just kept climbing, higher and higher. He was so scared his legs were shaking, but he forced himself up the ladder one step at a time. The wind was so strong now, the poor boy nearly lost grip. Never in his life has he climbed so high. Still, he never gave up hope; all he knew was his life depended on it, as he slowly ascended one step at a time.

"Where's your lunch money Aden?"

"I'm sorry Brett, I already told you, my mum forgot to give it to me today."

Aden stepped back. He was cornered. Brett and his gang were all older than he was. They were always picking on the little Aboriginal kids, taking their money and teasing them.

"Don't lie to me Aden. You know Boongs at this school have to pay extra fees to me…"

There was nowhere to run.

Aden looked around, but his eyes turned back to Brett, who towered above him, like an Oak Tree. Why me? He thought. He couldn't think of an answer, he never did anything wrong. He looked up at the malicious giant.

"Watch what we'll do to you after school!" he threatened.

Brett punched Aden in the stomach. Aden fell slowly to the floor, his head banged down on the bitumen. Dazed, he looked up at the sky.

"Urgg…" he muttered in pain.

His final thoughts were "Why?" as he lost complete consciousness.

When he woke he was in the school's sick bay. He looked at his bag lying there beside him, as he remembered what happened. The only thing Aden wanted in the world was to live a happy life. He looked at the time. 3:15pm. Oh no! He thought. It was way...