Survey Questionnaire - Traffic Department Restructure

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Survey Questionnaire - Traffic Department Restructure

Survey Questionnaire - Traffic Department Restructure

The business problem confronting the Traffic Department at Fox Sports Net is lack of coverage while staff is out of office. The problem occurs when one or more of the traffic administrators are out ill or on scheduled time off. That dispose the remainder of the staff is to cover for each other. With the high demand for detail and organization it is extremely difficult to cover two networks at once.

The Questionnaire

1. How long does it take you on an average day to complete your daily tasks?

0-3 hours 4-6 hours 7-overtime

2. Is the current work load disbursement fair? yes or no

3. Does every team member have a fair share of the workload? yes or no

4. Would like to be crossed trained in other areas of your department? yes or no

5. If so which ones? List in order of preference (Copy, Log, Tape Ingest or Administrative)

6. How do you feel about cross training co-workers?

1 -4 positive 5 no opinion 6-10 negative

7. Do you feel all office resources are used effectively in accordance the current job addendum? (printing out reports, filing double checking reports) yes or no

8. If the answer is no why not? (reason)

9. Do you feel the vacation approval schedule is fair to all employees in the department? yes or no

10. How many employees at once should be allowed to take vacation time?

The question asked above should trigger enough information to research the problem. Each employee will have different feed back. Each employee will be able to voice his or hers opinion on what is the best solution for the problem. Then the management can collectively combine information from all the employees and gather...