Types of Motivation

Essay by Wardie April 2006

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What is Motivation?

Motivation is based on emotions. It is the search for positive emotional experiences and the avoidance of negative emotional experiences. Motivation is involved in the performance of all learned responses (Accel, 2004). It is a behavior that will not occur unless it is triggered. In general, psychologists question whether motivation is a primary or secondary influence on behavior (Accel, 2004).

Everyone has certain needs and goals. To obtain the goals and meet the needs that a person wants, they will have to agree to do work and provide services in exchange for what they want. One key to making these agreements satisfactory is how fair they are being treated. People want to ensure that they will be consistently treated fairly. Perceived factors of being treated fairly from an employee perspective are salary, benefits, bonus, incentives if any, etc. Salary and benefits are not seen as motivators but as entitlement for the work that is being done.

If the agreement is seen as being unfair, the person will be dissatisfied which will result in poor morale. But if the agreement is seen as being fair it will play a role in whether the person is a "motivated" employee.

Each year, large companies spend billions of dollars on motivation courses. The courses involve training in motivation, meetings to boost motivation, incentives to strengthen motivation, meetings to analyze problems in the workplace motivation, tools to measure motivation mission statements, etc (Accel, 2004). These training sessions also include how to cope with problems in recruitment, productivity and retention, problems of commitment to teams and corporate agendas. Motivation is extremely important to success and to reach personal and business goals that one has set.


Employees must learn to work together towards common goals. Employees...