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Nikola Tesla

University of Graz, Austria and was shortly employed in agovernment telegraph engineering office in Budapest, where he made his firstinvention, a telephone repeater. Tesla sailed to America in 1884, a ...

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Essay on the life of Paul Erdos

Paul Erdos(air-DISH)Paul Erdos was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 26, 1913. His two sisters died right before he was born, so his parents w ...

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Pharmaceutical industry analysis in Hungary with the focus on Egis business policy and its competitors

decessor. The pharmaceuticals factory has been in operation since 1913 in Keresztúri street, Budapest, where the foundations of research and production were laid by Dr. Wander. With tradition a ... as are the state-of-the-art and human scale research based in Bökényföldi street, Budapest and the adjacent production facilities.Following in the foot steps of its legal predecessor ...

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George Gerbner and the Mean World Syndrome

George GerbnerGeorge Gerbner was born in 1919 in Budapest, Hungary, immigrated to America in the late 1930s due to his hatred of the fascist Prime Mi ...

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A last new chapter for The name of the game was murder by Joen Lowery Nixon

ve to think very deep." I thought, and remembered something from a book I read, Houdini was born in Budapest. I asked Thea, "Do you know anything that might be in Budapest?" "Well, we own a house, but ... t real." I froze in my position. Running to Thea, I said, "What is the phone number to the house in Budapest? ""I don't know how that would help but, its 9-476-386-5903.""Quick, dial it!""Samantha, wh ...

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Bela Bartok

icted a brilliant future for the aspiring musician and composer and recommended that he be taken to Budapest for a professional opinion. At the Budapest Conservatory Bartók was tested by Karoly ... He found that he was the most talented pianist in the area.Finally, in 1899, Bartók moves to Budapest and enrolls in The Budapest Academy of Music. Although he had already shown some talent in ...

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How I Met Myself(David A. Hill):After the ending...

Chapter 19My name is KatiI am Kati.I was born in Budapest.It's the capital of Hungary.Although I don't learn lots about its history,I know it's a cal ...

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Harry Houdini

us magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini.March 24, 1874. The day when a Jewish baby was born in Budapest, Hungary. This baby's name was Ehrich Weiss. He was the son of Mayer Samuel Weiss and Cecil ...

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The Biography of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. A creative photographer.

in a town called Moholy. Early in his life he moved to Berlin and studied law at the University of Budapest but was unable to finish his studies, as he had to serve in the Austro-Hungarian army durin ...

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Robert Capa

Robert Capa was the son of middle class Jewish parents, he was born Endre Friedmann in Budapest in what was then Austro-Hungary. He grew up under the dictatorship of Regent Nicholas Horth ...

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What makes a topic worth studying?

eads of years ago. A short time ago they opened up a new historical museum, the House of Terror, in Budapest. It was controversisal because it divided many people's opinions and it caused lots of conf ...

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Why did the USSR face a challenge to its authority in Hungary?

as intended to crush the Hungarian Uprising. In October of 1956, the Hungarian uprising occurred in Budapest, upon which Khrushchev sent in 30,000 Russian troops on November 4th and installed a new go ...

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Hungarian crisis of 1956

on to the hardships currently faced by most Hungarians, students and workers took to the streets of Budapest (the capital of Hungary) and issued their Sixteen Points which included personal freedom, m ... at the sight of an old church. At around the same time a large crowd started to gather at the radio Budapest building, which was heavily guarded by the AVH. A flash point occurred as an assembly of pr ...

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Hungarian Revolution 1956

le gathering to f protest the Soviets intrusionAt the same time a large crowd gathered at the Radio Budapest building in an attempt to spread the word of their demands, but the building was covered by ... was reaching an ever greater and unprecedented scale." And by 2AM of the next day tanks had entered Budapest. On October 25 there was a mass protest outside parliament building, many armed with &Aacut ...

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Turkey Investment Analysis

Stalled Reform Momentum14Drive for EU Integration15Economic Summary15Hungary's Capital Markets16The Budapest Stock Exchange16Equity Markets17Debt Markets17Government Bonds17Corporate Bonds18Derivative ... gary's population of approximately 10 million is made up of over 90% Magyars, or ethnic Hungarians. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is home to approximately twenty percent of those living in the cou ...

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Ethics & Internet

e communication rights. Without those rights, there is no public sphere. Ask any citizen of Prague, Budapest, or Moscow.(Rheingold 282) Just as the ability to read and write and freely communicate giv ...

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Geography & Aviation

hasis on point-to-point services instead of hub-and-spoke operations-though many LCCs do have hubs. Budapest, Katowice, Warsaw, and Gdansk are more important than other cities in the Wizz Air network, ...

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Martin McDonagh on the Hungarian Stage

in this thesis, with a special focus on The Cripple of Inishmaan and its long-lived performance in Budapest's Radnóti Theatre. Through the analysis of the plot and the characters, we examine w ... adicts the fact that the single most long-lived performance in Hungary, The Cripple of Inishmaan in Budapest's Radnóti Színház (Radnóti Theatre) lacks any direct form of do ...

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