Book report on A Child Called "IT" by Dave Pelzer

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A Child Called "It"

By Dave Pelzer

A Child Called "It" is a true story based on the life of Dave Pelzer. This book tells how an abusive mother treated one of her sons and about his will to stay alive. This was a very emotional, heart touching book.

At first David's life was a normal life. He had the typical family, a mother, a father and some brothers. His mom was a good mom; she always cleaned, cooked large meals and loved her family. Then one day it all changed. For some strange reason, never made clear in the book, she just changed. She became an alcoholic and took all of her anger out on David.

David wasn't really the problem child, he just got caught at doing the same "crimes" as his brothers, but he got punished for them far worse then they did. The punishments were acceptable at the beginning but then they drastically changed.

His mom wouldn't allow him to play with his brothers and make him look for hours for things that weren't even lost. Then she started making him clean all the time and started beating him and one day she turned on the stove and held his hands over the open flame.

Whenever the father was home David's mom would act normal to him. David loved when his father was home, but he rarely was because he worked 24-hour shifts sometimes. After a while his dad stayed away from home more and then David's mothers punishments became worst. She did horrible things such as make him drink ammonia and make him sit it the bathroom with a bucket full of bleach and ammonia. David's dad soon realized what was going on but did nothing about it. The dad and the mom would...