Why Canada should unite with Britain, Australia and New Zealand to form a Super-Commonwealth.

Essay by Keir October 2005

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In this essay, I intend to put forth the idea that the people of the English-speaking Commonwealth should unite in order to best represent their collective interests on the world stage. Basically, I feel that our countries have a lot in common - based on the English language and traditions of fair-play, freedom, parliament, law and so forth. We essentially have a 'British' culture, which is under threat by regional integration driven by the pressures of trade. Free trade as created by Britain (a kind of anglobalisation) is one thing; changing/abandoning our culture, or being governed by Brussels or Washington is another. We were once a superpower, and if we worked together, we could be again. At the very least, we would be able to stand up to fight for our own interests and preserve our way of life. In this way we would be able to negotiate from a position of strength rather than be dragged into agreements we do not want.

Consider Australia with its reasonably strong western-based economy compared to its neighbours, but with a mere population of less than 20 million people. Canada has only slightly more than 10% the population of the USA whereas the UK has the same population as France, but much less than France and Germany combined. By joining forces, we would have a population and economy larger than that of France, Germany and Spain put together, bigger in economic terms than the whole of ASEAN, and over 1/3 the size of the USA. As for the monarchy, I would like to think that the shared Head of State, which currently exists between us, would make federation easier in the event the people of the proposed federation members came to desire it.

Writing this essay as a Canadian by birth, I believe...