"I don't want you back" - A poem about Domestic Violence.

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I tried to make it work

But you never tried to care.

I tried to love you endlessly

But for me,you were never there.

To hell with your gifts,

You can take them right back.

To hell with your words,

As a matter of fact,

I don't want to see you.

So just make some tracks.

I just wanna say,

I don't want you back.

You failed to show me love.

So now I'm walking away.

Get someone else to worship you.

I don't want to stay.

To hell with your voice.

All you ever do is shout.

To hell with your money.

It doesn't give you clout.

Just stay away from my world.

I just want you out!

I hate you so much,

Without the shadow of a doubt.

Taking advantage of my love,

You always broke my heart.

Now I'll fix the problem.

I'll just keep us apart.

To hell with your fists.

They left me with scars.

To hell with your violence.

I hope you go behind bars.

Your day is going to come,

And it's not very far.

I used to love you.

You were my shining star.

To hell with your fists,

Your abuse written on lists.

To hell with your hate,

It's just way too late.

To hell with your voice.

You made the wrong choice.

I'm not gonna cut you slack

And I don't want you back.