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Alborz Zinabadi Mr. Richard Urias American Literature December 15, 2000 Rhythm and Blues There are many types of music in the world but the one that stands out in everyone's mind is the sound of Rhythm and Blues. It has been around for many decades. It has captured people's interest around the world. Rhythm and Blues(R&B), or as it was called before "black music", started in the early 1940's by slaves in the south. This phenomenon brought about new music, fashion, and dance styles.

The white people thought of R&B as black music during the 1940's and early 50's. It has the single greatest influence on music worldwide for most of the 20th century. Its influence can be traced in forms of rock music, country, gospel, jazz even Nigerian Juju -a style of dance music. Rhythm and Blues was started in the South, but later on moved to Midwest, Northeast, and West Coast cities due to the shift in American demographics, after World War II.

One of two significant developments, which occurred that had an effect on R&B was the invention of the Magnetic Tape, the other was the formation of broadcasting companies. (Schneider 40) The invention of the magnetic tape was a tremendous help to those who wanted to start their own independent record companies. Since no major record companies would accept music that was produced by black people, their formation of these independent record companies was crucial to R&B recording. Most white radio stations did not play "black music", and when they did start playing R&B, they were not obligated to play it. After noticing that the youth was more into R&B they played it since they wanted to keep their young audience. In addition, the invention of the electric guitar had a tremendous effect on...